Privacy policy of the mobile application “SmartLines”


This privacy policy defines the use of the "SmartLines" mobile application, developed by MAR-MAR Ltd.

The SmartLines application allows all Lipa Mill notebook users to easily scan and share written materials with friends. The application is especially suitable for students to help them adapt to the new way of distance learning.

The SmartLines application automatically cuts and corrects the image and automatically optimizes contrast and brightness. Printer ink consumption is up to 90% lower. All this together makes it easier to read digitized content and thus enables more productive learning.

The application is owned by the author, the company MAR-MAR Ltd., which is on the market in a free version with limited use.

The application requires access to the camera and data on mobile devices. Camera access is used to scan text, symbols and other graphically recorded elements in Lipa Mill notebooks.

Data access on the mobile device is used to store scanned documents on the device, i.e. to retrieve from the device and share/send to recipients.

All listed data is used and stored exclusively on the mobile device and is used exclusively for the use of the application for the personal purposes of the owner of the device or the recipient of its transfers.

The SmartLines application does not request any personal data from users and does not collect or process it in any way.

The application does not collect data related to the location of the mobile device.

All data (scanned materials) collected within the application are stored exclusively on the mobile device on which they were collected and can be transferred from the user's mobile device to another person's mobile device only by the user's will, by giving the order to send via another application, e.g. WhatsApp.

If you want to deny the app access to the camera and data on your mobile device, you can do so by removing the app from your mobile device. To do this, you can use the usual method of removing applications on the operating system you are using.

The data collected by the application is not stored on the servers of MAR-MAR Ltd., but is located exclusively on the user's mobile devices. Accordingly, MAR-MAR Ltd. does not enforce or manage user data.

All data collected by the application is stored on the user's mobile device and cannot be shared with other people without the user's command. The application data stored on the mobile device is as secure as all other data on the user's mobile device.

MAR-MAR Ltd. reserves the right to change this privacy policy for any reason. The user shall be notified of the change by updating the privacy policy.

By using the application, the user agrees to the terms set forth in this privacy policy.

If the user has questions related to privacy when using the application, he is free to contact the owner of the application by e-mail at: