Terms of use of the mobile application "SmartLines"




  1. Introductory provisions


Company MAR-MAR Ltd. has launched the innovative mobile application SmartLines, which enables all users of Lipa Mill notebooks to easily scan and share written materials with friends. The application is especially suitable for students to help them adapt to the new way of distance learning.


Due to frequent absences from classes due to health problems or private obligations (sports, travel, isolation), students should copy the content that was done at school that day into their notebooks. Photos sent to them by colleagues are mostly hard to read, and especially unsuitable for printing due to high toner consumption, so students usually transcribe the content while looking at a mobile phone.


SmartLines application automatically cuts and corrects the image and automatically optimizes contrast and brightness. Printer ink consumption is up to 90% lower. All this together makes it easier to read digitized content and thus enables more productive learning.

The application is owned by the author, the company MAR-MAR Ltd., which is on the market in a free version.


  1. How to use.


Sharing notes from school class with a friend who is absent due to health problems or private commitments. Sharing is possible with any other mobile application that processes image files.


Share notes with your team on Cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Evernote, Onedrive, Onenote, Slack and Google photos.


Digitization of notes, drawings, recipes and the like.


Organizing notes in folders (e.g. math, chemistry...).


Storage of the entire notebook at the end of the school year for e.g. younger sister or brother.



  1. Users


By clicking on the "I accept" button, before using the Application, it is considered that the user has agreed to all obligations and conditions of these terms and conditions.

The end user is a natural or legal person who has installed the application on their mobile device.

As an end user, by downloading the application, the user acquires a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to install the application on a mobile device on Android and iOS operating systems, as well as the right to use it in accordance with its terms and conditions.

Making and distributing copies of the application is not allowed.

It is not allowed to change, merge, modify, adapt and translate the application, decompile, invert, disassemble or perform any investigative or other actions on the application.

Resale, rental, lending or sublicensing of the application is not allowed.

It is not allowed to modify the application, or create or perform derivative works based on this application.

By installing the application on a mobile device, the user undertakes to use the application exclusively in a manner that complies with all positive regulations, both international and those of the Republic of Croatia, including restrictions on copyright and other intellectual property rights.

In case of non-compliance with these conditions, MAR-MAR Ltd. is authorized to withhold the use of the application.


  1. Privacy protection

MAR-MAR Ltd. highly values the privacy of its Users and the confidentiality of their personal data.

Users can always contact MAR-MAR Ltd. regarding the processing of their personal data.


  1. Copyright and intellectual property right

The application and all rights, without limitation, are the exclusive property of MAR-MAR Ltd. from Zagreb and is protected by the copyright laws of the Republic of Croatia, as well as the provisions of international agreements.

Trademarks contained in this program are protected by the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia and international agreements, both in the Republic of Croatia and/or internationally. You may not remove or alter any trademark, name, product name, logo, or use the proprietary rights, legends, symbols, or marks of this application.


  1. Relevant legal provisions.

These terms of use have been concluded in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and Croatian positive legislation is to be applied to them at the time of publication of the terms.

All disputes arising from, or in connection with these conditions, shall be conducted in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, before the court with actual jurisdiction in Zagreb.

Should any provision of these terms and conditions prove to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the terms in their entirety and the remainder shall remain valid and enforceable under all its terms.


  1. Transitional and final provisions

MAR-MAR Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the application, change its content and these Terms of Use without prior notice to Users. MAR-MAR Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the damage caused by these changes.

If the user has questions related to the conditions of use of the application, he is free to contact the owner of the application by e-mail at: info@mar-mar.hr.